2018 Report Writing Contest

Chris Wilson, Worldwide ERC, Paul Lewis, Report Writing Contest Winner, Allen Gardiner, RAC

RAC and Worldwide ERC Announce Winner of the 2018 Report Writing Contest, share winning report

Workforce mobility association Worldwide ERC® and RAC, a premier organization providing valuation solutions for complex residential properties, are pleased to congratulate the winner of their joint Summary Appraisal Report Writing Contest, announced at the RAC Conference on Friday, September 14, 2018.  Paul Lewis of Orono, Minnesota, won top honors.

As both RAC and Worldwide ERC® are dedicated to education and learning, click the following link to view the winning report: 2018 Winner (PDF)

The winner was chosen from among 20 entries. The reports were redacted so that the judges, who were report reviewers from relocation management companies, did not know the identity of the contestants. The redactions also were made to protect private information about the subject properties.

Each section of the report was evaluated for the following:

Completeness (whether all necessary information was included, and if exhibits were useful and comprehensive)

Clarity of communication (descriptions were required to render a good understanding of the elements being defined, in complete sentences with appropriate grammar)

Thoroughness (whether the appraiser researched all of the important market factors that impact the analysis)

Internal consistency (ensuring that the facts presented in the report led to the conclusions and recommendations expressed by the appraiser)

Complexity of the assignment (determining if the report identified and communicated unique marketing challenges, and offered adequate justification for adjustments for unique/unusual challenges)

About Worldwide ERC®

Since 1964, Worldwide ERC® has been committed to connecting and educating workforce mobility professionals across the globe. A global not-for-profit organization, we are headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in London and Shanghai, and are the source of global mobility knowledge and innovation in talent management from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to Asia and across the Americas. For more information, visit www.WorldwideERC.org.

About RAC

Founded in 1990, RAC continues to be the premier appraisal organization whose members focus on complex residential properties for relocation, litigation support, testimony and reviews.  RAC Members provide valuation solutions, benchmarks and insights to enable their clients to make informed decisions.  The organization is comprised of the best residential appraisers in the U.S. and literally wrote the book on relocation appraising.  Please visit www.rac.net  for additional information.

Relocation Appraisal Report Writing Contest

Relocation Appraisers & Consultants (RAC) and Worldwide ERC® are partnering to offer 50 relocation appraisers the chance to demonstrate their excellent report writing techniques in a Worldwide ERC® Summary Appraisal Report Writing Contest.

Don’t delay – only the first 50 entrants will be considered.  Entries must be received by June 15, 2018.

Why enter?

  • Be announced as a national winner at the RAC Conference 2018, September 13-14 in Plano, TX and to Worldwide ERC®’s members and constituents.
  • Receive comments on your submission by expert judges/reviewers.
  • Serve as an example to other appraisers seeking to hone their report writing skills.
  • Win valuable prizes!
    • $500 Amazon Gift card
    • 2019 Worldwide ERC® America’s Mobility Conference Registration (valued at $1,695)
    • 2018 RAC Conference Registration (valued at $425)

Who should enter?

All experienced relocation appraisers are encouraged to participate in this contest to demonstrate their appraisal report writing expertise.  Membership in Worldwide ERC® or RAC is NOT required.

How to enter?

  1. Read the Contest Official Rules.
  2. Select a report you completed for a client on the 2010 Worldwide ERC® form.
  3. Redact information that would identify the homeowner, exact property, and client.
  4. Complete the registration form.

What happens next?

  1. Worldwide ERC® will log the entries, assign them a number and redact information identifying the appraiser.
  2. The reports will be provided to the judges who are professional appraisal reviewers.

What will the judges be looking for?

Each section of the report will be evaluated for the following:

  • Completeness: Is all needed information included in the report? Are the exhibits useful and complete?
  • Clarity of communication: Do descriptions render a good understanding of elements being described? Are sentences complete and grammar reasonably correct?
  • Thoroughness: Has the appraiser researched all of the important market factors that impact the analysis?
  • Internal consistency: Do the facts presented in the report lead to the conclusions and recommendations expressed by the appraiser?
  • Complexity of the assignment: Does the report identify and communicate unique marketing challenges? Does it provide adequate justification for adjustments for unique/unusual challenges?

Contact Katie Vizenor, Research Manager, Worldwide ERC®, at KVizenor@WorldwideERC.org
Allen Gardiner, SRA, Gardiner Ray Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting at AGardiner@GardinerRay.com.