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RAC members have literally “written the book” on relocation appraising.


Having authored the official Worldwide ERC Appraisal Guide, RAC members have literally “written the book” on relocation appraising.

Jeff Barta, Jay Delich, Craig Gilbert, Arnold Schwartz and Chip Wagner were members of the 2009-2010 Worldwide ERC Appraisal Task Force that authored the current 2010 Version of the Worldwide ERC Summary Appraisal Report.

Jay Delich, Arnold Schwartz and Chip Wagner developed the 2011 Worldwide ERC’s Relocation Appraisal-Trained webinar, a training program that enhance one’s skills in the relocation appraisal arena.

Arnold Schwartz and Jay Delich developed the original on-line 2003 seminar “The Relocation Appraisal Training Program”, Worldwide ERC’s training program that enhance skills in the relocation appraisal arena.

The first appraiser to be named to the Worldwide ERC Board of Directors was RAC member Arnold M. Schwartz. RAC’s 2003 President Brad Charnas, SRA, SCRP, GMS was elected to ERC’S Board of Directors in 2003 and was later elected Vice President of Worldwide ERC in 2005, the first appraiser ever elected as an officer of Worldwide ERC. He subsequently served as Worldwide ERC President in 2006 and Chairman of the Board in 2007.

The current RAC president has a permanent position on Worldwide ERC’S Industry Advisory Council which is composed of individuals reflecting the breadth of the relocation industry. The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) facilitates open communication, highlights emerging trends, and identifies opportunities for the growth and betterment of the relocation profession.

RAC Member and Past President Joe Sodano is Worldwide ERC’S representative to The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council (TAFAC).

RAC Member and Past President Chip Wagner is Worldwide ERC’S representative to The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council (TAFAC).

Other RAC members have served Worldwide ERC in many capacities including its:

  • Board of Directors
  • Industry Advisory Council
  • Appraisal Advisors
  • Certification Review Board
  • National Relocation Conference Planning Committee
  • Mobility Magazine Editorial Advisory Committee

Most of all, RAC members recognize that the quest for excellence is a continual process.  Despite having already distinguished themselves in the relocation industry, they continually strive for ways to further improve the services they provide.

Purpose Statement 
RAC’s Purpose is to Recognize and Promote Relocation Valuation Service.

“We wrote the Book on Relocation Appraising”