Land Report 100While not related to the relocation industry, I found this very interesting and wanted to share it with everyone.  I hope you enjoy.

Few material possessions speak to “having” as do acres upon acres of one’s own land. Land to ranch, to fish, to hunt, to farm, to grow timber, or merely to wander over or gaze upon is like almost nothing else. It concretizes place-ness in most of our minds, and it’s the finite raw material without which we’d have no home building or residential development.

Here’s the 2015 Land Report 100, a 5th annual analysis that profiles America’s 100 leading individual landowners. It’s a production and publication of Fay Ranches Inc., a land broker.

Researched by Jeremiah Jensen, Lisa Martin, Katy Richardson, and Roxanna Thompson, the piece profiles John Malone, Ted Turner, and the 98 other families, dynasties, and individuals who own the millions of acres of America’s most pristine tracts, whatever the purpose.