CRP Education

For security reasons, you will need to contact Cheryl Fisher at 888-722-9695 for RAC’s Username and Password. 

Then go to  and log on to listen or download the sessions. 

Under “My Account” (upper left side of the page), enter the Username and Password.

Choose the sessions you would like to use and listen to them directly from the site with a media player, or download them to listen to the sessions later.  

If you need any assistance on this step, please contact Digital Conference Providers (DCP) from 9-4 Central time at (630) 963 8311.

Please note the number of the sessions you use, for example:


Then log into the credits management portal to add in your CRP credit hour(s). 

Go to and click on “My Account.” Log in using your personal username (email) and password. 

Your personal page will come up. Select “Manage My Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) Designation” from the top, grey box on that page. 

You will be able to view and add credits from the next page. 

When adding credits, please be sure to use just the final 5 digit ID number:

13532 (the “NRC14 simply indicates that it is from the 2014 National Relocation Conference) 

There is an $8 per sessions processing fee that will need to be submitted. 

If you have any questions or difficulty with entering credit hours, please contact he CRP Hotline 9-5 Eastern time at 703-842-3430, ext. 1