by Sherry Kaley

Arnold Schwartz, SRA, SCRP

Once an Appraiser – Always an Appraiser

Coming from a family rooted in real estate, Arnold grew up in Ohio, and majored in Real Estate/Property Management, graduating from Ohio State University.  After graduation, he moved to the Atlanta to pursue his appraisal career and raise a family. 

Sherry:  What kind of appraisal do you do and how long have you been appraising?

Arnold:  I was working with an appraisal firm with residential and commercial projects, and the opportunity came up to start my own residential company when the firm split between residential and commercial.  I have been appraising mainly residential and some commercial properties for the last 52 years.

Sherry:  If you had not been an appraiser, what do you think you might have been?

Arnold:  Well, I might have been a cartoonist because I like to doodle.

Sherry:  Any hobbies?

Arnold:  Prior to CoVid, I enjoyed walking, reading, and traveling.  

Sherry:  What is your most memorable achievement?

Arnold:  My involvement in ERC over the years has been a highlight with RAC being an offshoot of ERC.  One of my most memorable achievements was participation with ERC and others to develop and co-author the ERC appraisal form and the guidebook for relocation.

Sherry:   Do you have any Weird/Wonderful memories:

Arnold:  I relish the times when the value comes in on target and you get that A+ report card!  One weird moment I recall, was after ringing the doorbell, a dog came racing to the door, lost his footing and skidded to the full view storm door, with his front paws pushing out the door panel and getting caught.

Sherry:  Do you have any thoughts of slowing down?

Arnold:  The relocation work has slowed down.  Most of my current work is divorce work, a possible result of CoVid.   I have worked from home the last 5-6 years and keep saying I would like to slow down.  It is just hard to say “no” when you love what you do.  

Arnold hopes to see everyone in September at the RAC Conference.

Pat White, CRP

A Genuine, Respected, Ethical Appraiser and Family Man

Pat still lives close to the area of this home place in Cincinnati, Ohio…never relocated, although having done much relocation work over the years.

Sherry:   How long have you been appraising?

Pat:  It has been 37 years.  Starting out, though, with a major in secondary education, I was a social studies teacher and coach until 1984.  With a poor teacher’s salary, at that time, it became time to “jump on my father’s coat tails” and change careers entering the appraisal profession.  My father was an appraiser and opened the doors.  Looking forward, the ability to slow down and yet not give up the profession looms as a challenge in the next few years.

Sherry:  What has been one of your most Weird/Wonderful assignments?

Pat:  One of the most bizarre inspections was in a Showcase Home that was also a relocation assignment.  The interior of the home displayed huge taxidermy wild game trophies from Africa, a little out of character for the Showcase suburban home.

Sherry:  When you are not appraising, what do you enjoy doing?

Pat:  I have a love of gardening… flowers, tomatoes, and greens.  Zinnias and Mexican Sunflowers are favorites. 

In thinking ahead to the retirement years, I’ve been thinking about “recycling”, my idea of “flipping homes’ as an alternative.

Sherry:  What do you consider to be your life achievements?

Pat:  Being married, being a father, and being a grandfather with 5 grandchildren are my greatest achievements.   Simple family vacations to Disneyland and to Lakeside on the shores of Lake Erie are some of the best memorable vacations.