Our President

Terri Love, SRA, AI-RRS

It is my privilege to serve as your 2022-2023 RAC President. RAC can best be described as an organization whose members are the best of the best in completing relocation and complex residential assignments.  RAC members have the expertise and knowledge in completing assignments that involve difficult real estate valuations issues.  It is the quality of the membership that puts RAC at the forefront of the Residential Arena.  The RAC organization has continually maintained strong relationships with our relocation clients and those that require an appraiser with a higher level of experience.  This has created a benefit for both parties. RAC’s continued outreach to clients who desire an appraiser capable of tackling more difficult assignments continues to benefit our members.

Membership in RAC is nationwide reaching from the East to West and North to South. Our members provide a network for knowledge, training, market trends, national issues, and sharing ideas culminating in respect, and friendship.  A benefit of being a member of RAC is the networking and the ability to have input from fellow members when a difficult issue arises.  

As my office begins at the end of 2022, as appraisers, can reflect on a year or two that brought a robust real estate market amongst ever constant concerns of our health, our stability, and our economy. As 2023 begins, we will face different challenges including the continued rise in the interest rates which follows the past few years of an extremely strong real estate market.  It is more important than ever to have the support of fellow Appraisers that can share their knowledge and experiences that are taking place in their particular markets. 

The 2022 conference proved to be one of the most successful conferences in recent history.  The client involvement was amazing and the enthusiasm was contagious among clients and members alike.  The benefit of attending the annual conference is priceless.  Attending in person allows for networking with new clients and clients of old as well as education that was timely and informative. For those that were unable to attend the 2022 conference, please know that you were missed and we look forward to building and achieving a greater success for the 2023 conference to be held on September 14th and 15th.  Be sure to mark your calendars. 

I want to take a moment to thank our outgoing President, Allen Gardiner, MAI, SRA for his continued support of RAC and for is unselfish commitment to our organization.  We grew in membership and Allen was instrumental in creating a strong outreach to our clients.  If you attended the conference in September you certainly can see the work that he did this past year.  Thank you again Allen for your continued availability and commitment to RAC.

RAC continues to offer benefit for its members. Our digital Town Halls and meetings are met with anticipation by our members as well as our clients. These meetings not only spotlight the wealth of knowledge of our members but also the knowledge that is available and sought by our members. This knowledge is shared and used to help us all find ways to improve and expand our businesses.  The Town Halls give us a platform and we are always in need of your ideas for topics that are timely and relevant to our profession.

While RAC members utilize the network of its members, I do ask that you consider your investment into RAC. The time you invest in RAC will be repaid, by the visibility and the contact with clients on all levels.  The RAC brand means quality and its members fit the complex assignments.  So, we need your help to continue to make RAC a leading appraisal organization. We need your new ideas. We need your presence not only at the 2023 RAC Conference.   Please reach out and ask me how you can help throughout the year and that you plan to be in attendance at the 2023 RAC Conference and 2023 RAC Annual Meeting.

For 2023, as RAC President, the emphasis will be on the expansion of qualified members, expanding our outreach to clients and providing another successful conference which can be accomplished with your help.  Our origination can be better and better, but it takes the commitment of the membership to make this a reality.   We look forward to hearing from you, seeing you at the Town Hall Meetings and most importantly seeing you in September! If you are in need of my services at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  It is humbling to represent RAC as your President, but certainly an honor.  I look forward to working with the Board of Directors, committees, and members to promote RAC and continuing our growth


Terri Love

RAC President 2022-2023