RAC member Tim Lynch, CRP writes in:

“Received the WERC directory earlier this week and noticed that it was about the same size as last year’s directory. However, upon further investigation, I noticed that there were 30 more pages for the brokers and 27 fewer pages for the appraisers in this year’s directory as compared to last year’s directory (did not include pages including listings outside the US).

There are likely several reasons as to why this occurred but I did not look into it any further than the actual page count.”

The flurry of discussion erupted between RAC members from Tim’s quantification of something fairly abstract: was it worth it to be in this directory?

Some of the most basic valuation questions outside of a property can provide an “ah-hah!” moment like this. The ability to provide that simple moment is often the product of significant valuation experience, something all RAC members have in common.