Please let your membership know that the “Price is Right” is an awesome session for everyone to participate in. When you have a session where all participate, the knowledge one gets out of it is MUCH more than just sitting and listening. I vote for more of these!!!
Carolyn Ehrlich
Senior Relocation Consultant - Retired
I am a big supporter of your cause and have a great appreciation for the contributions of your membership to the relocation industry as a whole.
Vice President of Business Development - Altair Global Relocation
Dwellworks believes in the benefits of having an industry group focused on relocation appraisal and greatly appreciates their dedication to this cause. From the development of the Worldwide ERC Summary Appraisal Report to client engagement and education, RAC offers the industry an experienced group of professionals committed to the improvement of the relocation appraisal process.
Vice President of Operations - Dwellworks LLC
When selecting qualified appraisers the first consideration is whether they are members of Relocation Appraisers and Consultants (RAC). RAC appraisers are among the best in the relocation industry. They understand the relocation process, are well versed in the changes taking place in the relocation industry, and meet the demanding standards of CapRelo and our clients. I can depend on RAC appraisers to provide top quality appraisals that are professionally prepared and justifiably reflect the Anticipated Sale Price of the property.
Matt Tandy
Inventory/Appraisal Manager - Capital Relocation
We consider the RAC appraisers the “Gold Standard” of the industry. This elite group of appraisers are the leaders in their industry, always knowledgeable and professional and are terrific partners and teachers for the Relocation Industry.
Pam Milani, CRP
The RAC Reporter is the first place I look for a relocation appraiser. Unfortunately, I cannot always find what I need as there are major markets as well as states without a RAC member. A smart and dedicated appraiser would do well to investigate membership in this great organization. Becoming a member will increase relocation business, further hone your expertise, and add access to high level training. Membership in RAC is a solid investment into a strong and profitable future.
Valuation Specialist - Plus Relocation Services Inc
Ron Box, Michael Cook, and Jim Goodrich, our RAC Appraisers, did a wonderful job of training the Altair team on the Appraisal Review process.  They provided real world examples, covered key points to look for on the Worldwide ERC Summary Appraisal Report, and answered questions that were presented by the team.  The training was fun, interactive, and informative.  Their tenure and experience was very beneficial to the team.
Training Manager - Altair Relocation