‘Best’ vs. ‘Right’ – How to Choose Your Appraiser 

Robert Headrick, SRA, SCRP 

Headrick lays out the tough questions that need to be asked when finding the best ‘right’ appraiser for a relocation appraiser. 

Communicating Appraisal Results: Tips for Improvement 

James R. Gargano, JR., IFAS, CRP

The appraisal process is one of the most important and often one of the most misunderstood aspects of relocation. Gargano outlines in great detail how appraisers can be more effective in communicating their results to the primary stakeholder they serve. 

What Exactly Do Those Letters Stand For, Anyway? 

Alvin “Chip” Wagner, SCRP, IFA

Many users of appraisals do not realize the education and training that a real estate appraiser must undergo just to become licensed or certified.  Earning a professional designation exhibits a higher level of professionalism…but all designations are not equal. 

How the Relocation Appraisal Differs From Other Appraisals 

Alvin “Chip” Wagner, SCRP, IFA

Wagner describes the essential differences between a relocation appraisal and a mortgage appraisal in areas such as reporting format, intended use, value definition, and comparables, among others. 

Destination Consulting 

Robert E. Headrick, SRA, SCRP

Using the relocation appraiser as a consultant in transferee destinations.

Avoiding Valuation Pitfalls 

Thomas G. Fryer, SCRP, SRA

Ten common valuation traps that affect appraisal accuracy are listed in this article, as well as how to avoid those traps. 

Applying Detective Skills Can Enhance Your Relocation Report Writing Skills 

Thomas G. Fryer, SCRP, SRA

A little effort and basic detective skills used in preparing the ERC Residential Appraisal Report can reduce time-consuming callbacks. 

The Principle of Exception: Commentary On The Relocation Appraisal Assignment  

Thomas G. Fryer, SCRP, SRA

Sometimes, with real estate transactions, things just happen. Fryer writes that if there ever were to be a new principle coined in relocation appraising, it would be the principle of exception. 

How to Prepare a Picture-Perfect Relocation Appraisal   

Alvin “Chip” Wagner, CRP, IFA

This article will help the transferee understand the appraiser’s role in the relocation process and aid the transferee in gathering the information necessary to complete the appraisal.   

“Everything you wanted to know about EIFS, but were afraid to ask!” 

Dave Surette, SCRP

In a sentence, Everything you wanted to know about EIFS (Exterior Insulation And Finish Systems) But were afraid to ask!

Differences in Mortgage and Relocation Appraisals 

Details the differences between the Mortgage vs. Relocation Appraisal from beginning to end.   

The Myth of the Matchbook Appraisal

 Bradford E. Charnas, SRA

This article dispels the myth that Appraisers “Know” the value of a home by the time they conclude their inspection.  It also discusses the differences between an ERC appraisal and a “Bank” Appraisal.   

Appraisers Must Identify the Client, Intended Use and Intended User of the Appraisal  

 Arnold M. Schwartz, SCRP

Talks about how and why Appraisers must identify the client, intended use, and intended user of the appraisal.

Appraising for the Group Move

 Arnold M. Schwartz, SCRP

A group move involves a number of unique challenges to everyone involved, including the appraiser. The typical problems occurring with one relocation appraisal may be magnified many times, depending on the size of the group and the timing of the move.

Defining ‘Normal’ Marketing Time

 W. Thomas Cryer, SCRP, SRA

Normal marketing time is different in different markets. Appraisers must analyze the market they’re in to decide what is “normal”.

How to Select a Relocation Appraiser

 Jeffrey M. Barta, CRP

Discusses the methods of selecting a relocation Appraiser.

The Role of New Construction in the Relocation Appraisal  

 Jeffrey G. Otteau, SCRP, IFA

Talks about the role of new construction in the Relocation Appraisal.

Understanding the Buyer’s Perspective  

 Jeffrey G. Otteau

This article details the buyers perspective and how to understand it.   

The Appraiser as Consultant – Reviving a ‘Lost Skill’

 Robert E. Headrick, CRP, and Jeffrey M. Barta, CRP

Although destination appraisals have shortcomings, appraisers in the destination location can serve an important role in helping transferring families make wise home purchase decisions.

Appraisers Are an Important Support in the Relocation Process  

 William K. Nash, Jr., CRP

There have been discussions among relocation professionals about eliminating appraisers from the home sale process. A proper evaluation should be made before any action is taken.

The Value Added by Appraisers  

 Jeffrey G. Otteau, SCRP, IFA

Corporate America is always looking for ways to reduce relocation costs. Eliminating or reducing the role of the appraiser may not be the best solution.

Building an A-Team  

 Hank Fontes, SCRP

Shared information can result in more effective analysis of home values. One appraiser offers his suggestion as to how this can be accomplished.